Ideal Task Management Software for the Team

Unlimited number of members, no trial period, Gantt charts and Kanban available for free all the time.

Do you have any problems with task management?

Does not move forward

Although it should have become efficient by using tools, the work does not go well for some reason. In chat, requests and know-how flow. With the Kanban, planning is difficult and the responsible person tends to be vague.

Our team is boring

With Repsona, teammates' feedback comes from natural communication on the job, making team activities more fun and more visible.

What is my attraction for our team?

With Repsona ...

Know people

You will see more of what you are expecting, teammate skills.

Know my work

What is the real purpose of this project? Empathy leads to excitement.

Hurdle is low

Create a task, set a deadline, and finish it. At first it is just that.

Task management

You can list the tasks (to do things), get a schedule (Gantt chart), manage with Kanban and cards, etc., and get an overview of your work while changing your perspective. It is also easy to divide and share tasks.

Knowledge sharing

knowledge sharing, such as minutes and documents, is a quick way to keep notes on the browser. Simultaneous editing is also possible with multiple people. The hierarchical structure also changed quickly. The operation is light and easy to understand and easy to organize.

Have it everywhere

Access your tasks and information anytime from the mobile app. Updates are synchronized to all devices in real time.

Watch a 3-minute video on Repsona