What is Repsona?

Make a better team with human-centered task management!

A tool for task management and knowledge sharing for teams

Unlimited number of members, no trial period, Gantt charts and Kanban available for free all the time.

Task management

Set deadlines and share tasks. Work with the usual features. It works simple and smoothly.

Quickly create

Enter only the title and create quickly. You can write the details as it is like a memo.

Task list

Simple listing. Re-ordering and hierarchical structure change are also quick. You can easily create subtasks.

Gantt chart

Easy operation by drag and drop. View task deadlines and milestones.

Status board

Easily manage task status with drag & drop. You can also customize the status.

Who has the ball?

Who has the ball? The finished task is for the next person. You can throw the ball and change it. Visualize the bias of work volume.

Fast search

Even if you lose sight, you can search immediately. You can also tag and categorize.


When tasks are grouped and milestones are set, they are displayed on the Gantt chart. Burndown charts are also generated automatically.

Knowledge sharing

It also integrates functions for knowledge sharing. Seamlessly assemble from task to information, from information to task.

Share on browser

Quickly write and share as if you left a note. There is no need for difficult operations. It is mark down correspondence.

Simultaneous editing by multiple people

You can edit the minutes and documents with multiple people and collaborate in real time.

Change hierarchical structure smoothly

Freshness and organization are important for knowledge sharing. Write and publish as soon as you think. You can rearrange smoothly by drag and drop.

Fast search

Even if you lose sight, you can search immediately. You can also tag and categorize.

Project and team

Repsona has a human-centered, unique feature.

Teammate Profile

What are their special skills and favorite things? Let me tell your teammates. Reactions from all over the place come here. The skills and the character are all understood here.

Project profile

Impression and empathy in the project. Share project goals and product concepts and keep in touch with your teammates. You can also check the main tasks and activities immediately.

Cross project

You can check multiple projects across. You can check cross-project Gantt charts, cross-project responsibilities and ball holders.

Search in space

You can quickly search across all tasks and notes in the space.

Visualize project teams

Clarify the environment surrounding the project and the role of teammates. What do you expect from them? Who can I ask if I do not know? It is obvious at a glance.

Improve team issues

Visualize and improve if there is a problem with the team. And continue with good points.

Status of the project?

Graphically show the task's cumulative status, ratios by category, and remaining tasks by milestone.

How productive is your teammate?

Score productivity by the number of tasks undertaken and completed. It's a little playful.

Notice, mention

Feedback on comments on task progress and knowledge sharing. You can @mention a comment.

Watch 3-minute video about features

Human-centered, better team!