Repsona is protected by strict security standards.

Powered by AWS Cloud Computing
Reliable Data Center

We use Amazon Web Services (hereafter, AWS) for the data center. AWS is a data center service provided by Amazon and has extremely high reliability and security. It has received a number of highly reliable third party certifications and certifications, and it has been objectively evaluated to be a very high security standard.

Strict data management rules

The environment built on AWS is restricted by a firewall so that it can be accessed only from our environment, and managed so that it can not be accessed except the operation manager. In addition, the data stored in the server is accessed only when requested by the customer, such as for the purpose of investigation, or when there is a request based on the law. The handling of personal information is conducted under strict standards in accordance with the privacy policy.

All communication is encrypted

All communication of Repsona is encrypted by SSL. Even if a third party eavesdrops, they can not see the contents.

Safe backup

Repsona data is backed up more than once a day. Even if data loss occurs just by mistake, it is possible to restore the data at the time of each backup acquisition for the past two weeks. We use Amazon S3 to store backup data and are designed to have extremely high durability of 99.999999999% (*). * Assuming that 10,000 data are stored at one point in time, it takes about 10 million years on average before one of them is lost due to a failure.

Risk distribution of failure

Repsona is configured to distribute services on multiple physically separated data centers on AWS. As a result, even if a physical data center level failure occurs, services can be restored and continued in another data center.

Server monitoring and troubleshooting

We monitor the server 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and if there is an abnormality, the staff in charge of system operation will be notified immediately. The staff who received the notification will respond according to the situation.

Failure and maintenance information

Failure and maintenance information will be reported promptly in our Twitter account.