About Repsona

More empathy and excitement for work

What we want to create is teams (not tools).

What is Good Work?

Is only creating value a good work? Or is it require advanced skills and use advanced tools? No, I think good work is a sense of fulfillment of people involved in work and team. Feel the best while work. Such work is really wonderful.

The best teammates, the best work

"I am needed", "There is humor in the team", "We can talk about anything", "I can grow up". Among the simple features of Repsona are small tricks that approach a better human-centered team. We believe that by enhancing this, we can support the creation of the best team in the world.

Owner & Developer
Koichi Higashi
Repsona LLC
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 3-24-3 Komazawa
+81 50-3701-1930