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Welcome to the Repsona API! The Repsona API allows you to perform all kinds of Repsona operations, such as manipulating tasks and notes on Repsona, adding members, updating space information, and so on. Repsona Webhook can be used to receive events that occur in Repsona and to integrate with other services and systems.


Repsona API

The Repsona API is a REST API-like HTTP-based Web API.


The API key can be obtained by logging into Repsona and going to the User Settings > API Key page.

Please do not share or expose the API key to other users or applications.


Arguments can be sent using GET query parameters or/and JSON-encoded bodies. API key are sent with Authorization HTTP headers.

curl example

curl -X PATCH -H 'Authorization: Bearer <API key>' \curl -X PATCH
-H 'Content-type: application/json' \
--data '{"name": "Reon Walls"}' \


All Web API responses contain a JSON object. They return a status code of 200 for success, 40x for request errors, and 50x for server errors. In the case of an error, the message field contains a message about the error. The log ID, logId, may also be included.

  "message": "Internal Server Error",
  "logId": "E84180101"

Rate Limit

There is a limit on the number of requests that can be accepted per minute per space or per user. The limit on the number of requests depends on plan.

If the number of requests exceeds the limit, a 429 (Too many requests) will be returned. All responses will include a header regarding the rate limit.

HTTP header fieldDescription
RateLimit-LimitThe server's quota for client requests within a time window.
RateLimit-RemainingThe remaining quota for the current window.
RateLimit-ResetThe remaining time in seconds for the current window.

Repsona Webhook

Repsona Webhook allows you to receive event notifications and automatically trigger actions. It sends events such as task or note updates, comment additions, status changes, etc. to a specified URL (HTTP request). It can be used for integration with other services and systems.

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