PM Handbook | Introduction

PM Handbook by Repsona
PM Handbook | Introduction

"Moving the Work Forward."

To peel an apple. Moving house. A big construction project involving so many people. Every job is a small, incremental "step forward" toward the goal.

When we walk toward the goal little by little, who will we walk with, which road will we walk on, and is the road safe? In the PM Handbook, the person who leads the way is called the "project manager.

And based on the appearance of the PMBOK, a body of knowledge for moving any "job" forward, we will put it together in a casual, easy-to-understand way so that you can learn what project management is all about. We will cover the "dos and don'ts" of moving work forward, and introduce not only meeting deadlines, but also the things to be aware of, attitudes and helpful ideas and tools to keep projects healthy.

Although the term "project" may sound like a very big deal, project management has nothing to do with the size of the project. The concepts can be applied to any industry, so please read this book while imagining your own work.

The PM Handbook will be useful for the following people

  • First-time project managers
  • People who work in a team, involving others
  • People who want to know what project management is.
  • People who want to review and practice project management
  • People who want to manage projects with a new way of thinking and a human touch.
  • People who want to broaden their knowledge and improve team and individual performance.
  • People who feel stuck in their current approach and are looking for a breakthrough.

The PM Handbook is written to be as practical as possible. It avoids jargon and difficult words, uses easy expressions, and includes concrete examples, making it easy to relate it to actual work.

Projects are living things. They are difficult to control and full of uncertainty. It is not always possible to face a project with knowledge and methods alone, but experience and failure are the key to success. The PMBOK 7th Edition, which has undergone a major revision, emphasizes "value" over "deliverables" and "principles" over "processes.

People are at the heart of any job. We hope that you will take the initiative in leading a project in which people can play an active role.

Human-centered, best team!

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