Operability is easy to understand compared to other tools, and the burden when using with new members is small. I am very satisfied.

TSUTAYA Co.,Ltd. DX propulsion unit

Operability is easy to understand compared to other tools, and the burden when using with new members is small. I am very satisfied.

TSUTAYA Co.,Ltd. DX propulsion unit
TSUTAYA Co., Ltd. We spoke with Mr. Kiyota, a data scientist who is a leader in the DX propulsion unit data science team, about the background behind the introduction of Repsona and the feeling of use.

What kind of work do you use Repsona for?

Mr. Kiyota: We at DX Promotion Unit conduct marketing based on customer information.

We design, develop, and operate data linkage using cloud servers, develop scenarios for marketing automation tools (MA tools), implement marketing scenarios, and design, develop, and operate APIs for linking data to applications. .

We manage these tasks as projects, and Repsona uses them to manage tasks and manage the progress of projects throughout the team.

Do you have any issues you felt before using Repsona?

Mr. Kiyota: The task of sharing tasks and planning within the team has been managed by Excel for a long time, and the burden of updating the progress was large.

Each member was often unable to update the status of the task before the regular meeting or progress check. In addition, it was difficult to share updates such as assignments and task additions to members all at once.

With Excel placed in a shared folder, it is difficult for members to visualize and understand information such as "Who is in charge of what work and until the deadline?" When transferring work, taking over work, or allocating new tasks, there will be variations such as the task being concentrated on one member and the amount of work being excessively small.

In the first place, it is inefficient that the work time that is supposed to be done in the update work time of Excel is originally inefficient, and I myself felt that there was a limit to task management and progress update in Excel. A tool that hassle-free entering, modifying and deleting.

In Repsona, each member can grasp the task that they have at the level of the person in charge and the ball holding, and it became very easy to talk about tasks and talk about efficiency.

The progress can be easily updated and shared with the members at the same time, which has been helpful.

Easy to understand the person in charge and the ball holding

Tell us why you chose Repsona

Mr. Kiyota: First, the operability is easier to understand than other tools. As a result, the burden on introducing new members is small, so the hurdle for introduction is very low.

It would be nice to see the Gantt chart easily. Gantt charts are also useful for planning with a time axis.

In addition, looking at the screen of the person in charge or the screen of the ball holder makes it easy to see who is in charge, and it is also good to immediately see when the progress is being checked or the workload is uneven.

I am very satisfied. We will continue to use Repsona for team management and progress management.

Easy to operate and Gantt chart is convenient

Please tell us what you expect from Repsona in the future

Mr. Kiyota: I expect that the functionality will be further enhanced. I would be glad if I could list them in the order in which I changed their status to Done, and have options such as limited sharing of notes.

And I want to know how to use Repsona more effectively. I want to refer to how others use it.

TSUTAYA Co.,Ltd. DX propulsion unit
Data Science Team Data Scientist Naoyuki Kiyota