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Visualize team productivity on a chart

Repsona visualizes productivity. We want to create a world where people who should be evaluated are evaluated correctly and people who should take responsibility take responsibility correctly. Explains how to use and utilize the productivity screen.

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Productivity screen

Click "Productivity" from the "Project Menu".

Project Menu

Chart display productivity for each person.



The amount of activity of the members is totaled and the score is displayed.

Heat map

The color of the day when there was activity is displayed in blue. The days with a lot of activity are displayed darkly.

Done tasks

The number that members themselves have changed to completion status.

Done tasks (responsible)

The number of completed tasks that the member was in charge of. for example. The member assigned the responsibility as the execution manager reports the work completed to the team leader of the project team, and if the team leader changes the status of the task to completed, the score will be added here.

Done tasks (involved)

The number of times the member has completed a task with the ball at least once. For example, a member who has been temporarily assigned a ball as a worker will be scored here when the task's status is complete, assuming that the work has been completed and the ball has been returned.

Received tasks

The number of new balls. It will be added as the number of people who undertook the work as a worker.


The number of reactions.


The number of times they were reacted.

Contribution to notes

The number of notes created / updated.


The number of comments.


The sum of these numbers.

About the score

Repsona's productivity score is calculated simply. If there is no movement, no charge or ball is received, no contribution to the note, or no original productive activity, the number will not increase. Therefore, it can be said that the amount of activity of members with flat charts is small.

On the other hand, in actual work, it may not be evaluated if there is a lot of activity. For example, there are a lot of reactions, a lot of comments, and so on, there are some parts where it is not possible to tell from the chart alone whether or not they have advanced their work.

Members who are in a position to evaluate by looking at productivity and score should comprehensively evaluate not only the numerical value of the score but also the activity content and the positive reaction received.

Repsona is continuously being upgraded as a people-centric work management tool. We will deeply consider these evaluation mechanisms and plan additional development so that you can use them more conveniently.

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