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Visualize all data in charts

Repsona provides chart visualization of the state and activity within a project. Explains how to use and utilize the chart screen.

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Chart screen

Click "Chart" from the "Project Menu".

Project Menu

In Repsona, you can see three types of charts.


Cumulative flow chart

Display the cumulative flow chart. A cumulative flow chart is a stacked chart of task status for the entire project. You can see at a glance how many tasks have not been started, how many tasks are in progress, and how many tasks have been completed for the entire project.

Tag ratio

Shows the percentage of tags in your project in a chart. For example, if tags such as department name and genre name in charge are attached to each task, you can check at a glance whether the amount of tasks is biased to a specific tag.

Burndown chart

Display the burndown chart. This is a chart showing the number of unfinished tasks, and you can see at a glance how many tasks you need to complete at what pace by the milestone deadline.

Gray is the ideal line, yellow is the planned line, and blue is the actual line. The yellow feature line is calculated and drawn based on the due date set for each task. The blue actual line shows the number of tasks that have reached Done (completion status) as of that date.

Other charts

We are planning to develop additional charts to visualize the productivity of the project team. We are continuously upgrading the version.

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