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Visualize teammates and team composition (organization diagram)

Repsona has a function to visualize teammates and team composition (organization diagram). Visualizing the team structure makes the roles and communication paths clear. Learn about teammate features and how to use them.

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Teammate screen

Click "Teams" from the "Project Menu".

Project Menu

Position / Strengths and/or expectations

You can add a "position" with the + button. Enter the name of the position and "Strengths and/or expectations" to create it. The created position can be set as a teammate. By clarifying their positions, they themselves reaffirm their responsibilities. It also helps new members of the team know who and how to communicate.

Project community

It represents all the characters that surround the entire project. If there is a member not listed here, you can make it visible to the project community by creating a member as "no-login" and joining it to the project. (You will also be able to set the person in charge and the ball)

If you have a group such as a company, organization or team in the project community, add "Team" from the + button below and give it a name. (The second and subsequent ones are the "Add team" button above.) You can also sort by drag-and-drop or create a team within the team.

Drag-and-drop members of the project community into your team to give your teammates a "position". Create a team structure (organization diagram) that is easy to understand at a glance.


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