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Project profile

Repsona believes that knowing the project and empathizing with the work will improve teamwork. Enhance your project profile screen to build a better team. This section describes the project profile screen and how to use it.

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Project profile screen

After creating a project, you can display the project home (project profile screen) with the "Home" button on the far left.

The contents set in the project settings are displayed on this screen.

Set a project profile

You can move to the project settings screen from the "Settings" button on the project profile screen.

So that people outside this project and newcomers to the project can understand this project at a glance. Also, so that teammates who have participated in the project for a long time can continue to be excited. Please set with all your heart.

"Settings" requires Owner or Admin privileges.


You can react to the project at the project home. Express the type of project with tags, or express your gratitude with pictograms.

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