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Teammate Profile

Repsona believes that "knowing people" is important for the team as "an ideal work management tool centered on people". This section describes the profile screen and how to use it.

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Profile screen

When you are invited to the Repsona space (or create the space first) and your account is created, you are joining the Repsona space as a teammate (member).

View my profile screen

Open the setting menu from the icon on the upper right of the screen.

You can open your profile screen by clicking on your "Name" at the top of this, or on the home screen or in the comments section. The latest activity and main tasks are displayed.

The name, profile image, background image, self-introduction, etc. set in User Settings> User Information are displayed. Please enrich it in case your teammates see your profile screen. To help them understand who you are and what you are doing.

View member profile screen

You can open the profile screen of the member by clicking "Name" in the comment field. The latest activity and main tasks are displayed.

The information set by that member is displayed. Similar to your profile screen.

Please write "Introduction from Teammates" to introduce this member to other members.

Reactions gather

The reactions sent in the comment section etc. will be gathered on the person's profile screen.


Skill tags such as "programming" and "design", messages such as "thank you" and "sorry", pictograms, and other skills of the person and sent messages are collected. So you can see at a glance what role they play in team activities and how they communicate.

Set up a profile

Click "Settings" on your profile screen to move to the User Settings > User Profile screen, where you can set or change your profile.

How to use profile

Repsona is continuously being upgraded as a human-centered work management tool. We are developing a system for managing people, setting goals, and evaluating them, centered on the profile screen.

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