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Manage task milestones

Repsona can easily keep track of the progress towards a milestone by creating milestones and grouping tasks. Learn how to create and manage milestones.

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What is milestone?

Milestones are checkpoints on your schedule. By grouping tasks that are scheduled to be completed by a specific milestone and setting a due date, it will be easier to check the progress of tasks up to the milestone.

With Repsona, you can manage the following by creating milestones.

Check the burndown chart

burndown chart

Grouping tasks by due date milestones will automatically generate a burndown chart. This is a chart showing the number of unfinished tasks, and you can see at a glance how many tasks you need to complete at what pace by the milestone due date.

Gray is the ideal line, yellow is the planned line, and blue is the actual line. The yellow feature line is calculated and drawn based on the due date set for each task. The blue actual line shows the number of tasks that have reached Done (completion status) as of that date.

Check milestones on the Gantt chart

milestones-Gantt chart

When you create a milestone with a due date, you will see a vertical green line on the Gantt chart. You can visually see the milestone due date on the Gantt chart.

If you click the "Milestone" button that is displayed in units of "List", "Resp", and "Milestone", the Gantt chart will be displayed in a grouped form for each milestone, and you can check the plan for each milestone.

Manage milestones

Click "Milestones" from the "Project Menu".

Project Menu

Create milestones

You can create milestones from the + button.

Enter the milestone name and due date and click Create.

Group tasks by milestone (set milestones for tasks)

From the task list in the left pane, drag-and-drop within the milestone frame to move the task into the dropped milestone. The task is now set to a milestone.

You can also set it from the task details milestone pull-down.

Change milestone due date

You can change the due date of a milestone by opening the calendar with the date button to the right of the milestone name. Click the cross button to cancel the due date.

Close milestones

You can close the milestone by clicking the "Close" button. Close completed milestones. It will not be displayed from the list of milestones.

Reopen milestones

To resume a closed milestone, turn on the "Show Completed" switch at the top of the screen and click the "Re-open" button for the displayed milestone.

Check the progress of milestones

The blue progress bar in the milestone frame shows the progress of the tasks in the milestone. It shows the progress rate (the rate at which the status is approaching completion) of the task within the milestone.

Carry tasks within a milestone to the next milestone

Click the "Carry Forward" button to carry over unfinished tasks to the next milestone.

Delete milestones

You can delete milestones from the submenu to the right of the due date button. This operation is irreversible.

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