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We will explain in detail from basic operations to advanced functions!

Create, share, and manage tasks to move your work forward

I will explain the flow of creating tasks in Repsona and moving the work forward. Clarify your tasks and goals, share them with your team, and move your work forward.

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How to work with Repsona

  1. Create a task
  2. Assign a person
  3. Execute the task
  4. When you're done, "Done"!

That's it!

Let's take a closer look at the methods and features for that.

Select a project

Manage tasks in your project. First, select the project you want to use from the "Please select a project" pull-down menu

Main menu

Click "Task List" from the "Project Menu".

Project Menu

Create a task

You can create a task from the task list > + button.

Click the "Create" button to create a task.


Enter a title for the task. The trick to giving a task name is to use the imperative mood. Titles such as "About XX" tend to obscure the goals of the task and are not recommended.


If you just start a new line, you can describe the details of the task. Clarify what you can do to say that this task is "finished". Bullets are also recommended.

It may be helpful to include the reasons for performing this task, the background, and the benefits of completing it.

It's just a place to write "details about the task". Do not write messages addressed to specific members here, but use the comment section.

You can write in Markdown

You can use markdown for details and comments. Markdown is a "writing notation" that can be easily written in text, and allows you to structure your document with bold, italicized, and other text embellishments and headings.

Checklists (checkboxes)

If you create a checklist with markdown, you can check the progress of a small list of tasks in a task as you check them off. You can create a checklist by writing as follows.

[x] Todo A
[ ] Todo B
[ ] Todo C

You will be able to click on/off on the checklist.


You can add tags related to tasks. You can set and classify task categories and departments in charge. The tags are colored, so if there are tags, the classification will be easier to understand when displaying a list.

Responsible / Ball / Due Date / Status

This item is updated frequently as needed after the task is created. If you know it when you create the task, set it.

Exchange messages about tasks (To comment)

We now have a detailed screen about the task with an easy-to-understand title and a clear description of the goal.

Use the comments section at the bottom of the screen to exchange messages about this task. Since it is arranged in chronological order from the top, you can grasp the information about the task in context even if you read it back later.

If you want to send a message to a specific member, use mentions. Enter @ (at sign) in the comment field to display the user list. When you select a user, the user name will be listed in the comment field, such as @username. If you make a comment in this state, a notification will be sent to the relevant member.

If the notification setting of the corresponding member is "None", the notification will not be delivered.

You can also enter pictograms from the pictogram button. Text comments tend to give a cold impression. Be careful with your comments so that the correct sentiment is conveyed.

Set the person responsible for the task

Select and set the responsible person from the "Responsible" pull-down menu.

The person responsible at Repsona is the person responsible for guiding this task to the goal. That is, someone who understands the meaning and details of this task, stays aware of the status quo, and finally completes the task.

Set the ball holder for the task

Select and set the ball holder from the "Ball" pull-down menu.

A ball in Repsona is "a person who temporarily has the ball to move the task forward." A person who is temporarily holding the ball at your request, such as when you send a message and wait for a reply, or when you ask for something and wait for the result.

Set the due date of the task

Select and set the due date (period) from the calendar in the "Due date" pull-down.

Set the status of a task

Select and set the status from the "Status" pull-down.

By default, there are three statuses: Please change according to the situation.

  • ToDo: We will do it from now on
  • Doing: I'm doing it now
  • Done: Done!!

You can change the names and numbers of these on the status screen.

You must have owner or administrator privileges to change the name or number of statuses.

Attach files to tasks

You can attach files to tasks and comments.

You can attach a file from the clip button. Click this button or drag-and-drop the file to this location.

The attachment will be placed there and will be available for preview and download.

Create a sub-task

You can create subtasks within a task. If the task is large, create a sub-task and split it.

You can create a task from the + button of "Sub-task".

Follow a task

You can follow the task by clicking the Follow button. When you follow a task, you will be notified of task updates.

Only one person in charge of the task and the ball holder can be set. This is to clarify where the responsibility lies and where the ball lies.

On the other hand, multiple members may be involved in the progress of the task. In such cases, each member should "follow" the task.

Duplicate a task

You can duplicate a task from the submenu to the right of the task title.

A modal similar to task creation will be displayed, so edit the content and create it.

View a task's activity log

You can view the activity log from the submenu to the right of the task title. You can check the history of the task's updates so far.

Search for tasks

You can search for tasks on the "Task List" screen. Enter "Keyword", "Tags", "Responsible", "Ball", "Status", "Milestone", "Priority", and "Due date" to execute the search. When the "Only Expired" switch is turned on, only the expired display is displayed. Select the "Show Closed" switch to also show completion. Click the search button to rerun the search.

Click the button to the right of the search form to change to "OR" or "exclude" conditions. From "Due Date," you can search by a range of due dates, or search only for items with a set due date, only for items without a set due date, and so on.

Clicking on the "?" button to preview the current search criteria.

Organize tasks

In the task list, you can reorder the tasks by dragging the drag handles. It's easy to make a task a sub-task or take a sub-task out.

You can change a task to a sub-task just like changing a paragraph using the popover menu.

Output task as csv

You can export csv from the submenu on the right of the task list.

Export the tasks displayed in the search results.

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