It's very easy to use because we can check tasks from various angles with one Repsona.

SaaB Technologies Representative Yutaka Sugaya

It's very easy to use because we can check tasks from various angles with one Repsona.

SaaB Technologies Representative Yutaka Sugaya
We interviewed Mr. Kanke, the representative of SaaB Technologies, about the background and the usability of using Repsona.

What kind of work do you do

Mr. Kanke: SaaB Technologies does a wide range of IT-related work. Wordpress construction, regular maintenance of corporate equipment, construction of in-house system, etc. We carry out IT-related work with an unconventional and flexible response.

After graduating from an information processing vocational school, I became independent after gaining 3 to 4 years of engineer experience as a manufacturer SIer from the age of 20. My hobby is motorsports, which is honestly a hobby that costs money. I think I can challenge because I am young, so I earn my own money and enjoy my favorite hobbies.

SaaB Technologies is a provider of comprehensive IT services

What kind of work do you use Repsona for?

Mr. Kanke: As for work, I basically do everything myself. Repsona manages both business and personal tasks.

In terms of business tasks, for example, website repair projects are registered in Repsona from the estimation stage to manage tasks. For personal things, things that must be mailed, appointments for haircuts, etc. are categorized by tags in one project. It's nice that the tags are colored. I am grateful that the colors help me to understand how many tasks I have.

Do you have any issues you felt before using Repsona?

Mr. Kanke: I used to use the task management function of Teams at my previous workplace, but with that, I can manage only in Kanban format. You have to manage it only by "not started", "TODO", "Doing", and "Done". I wanted a little more flexibility. I couldn't even set subtasks, so it felt difficult to use. Repsona has solved these and is easy to use.

Flexible and easy to use, such as adding status and setting subtasks

Why did you choose Repsona?

Mr. Kanke: It solves what no other can.

Repsona has a status (Kanban), Gantt chart and milestones, so I am very grateful. I didn't do strict task management or project management as it is, but with the fact that Repsona has various functions, I feel like using it. Until now I only managed status, but I thought that I would like to manage the Gantt chart with a due date.

Teams don't have a Gantt chart, so I didn't want to try it. Having various functions in one service broadens the scope of task management, and I think it is very good to be able to see tasks from various angles.

With various functions, you can see tasks from various angles

How do you feel about using Repsona?

Mr. Kanke: Honestly, I was very satisfied.

Since I am using it as an individual, I cannot use the function that uses members, so I hope that it can be used because it is a certain function.

I've been using a lot of notes lately, and I've been using them as drafts of articles on websites. The notes are also very good. I personally appreciate the ability to use HTML.

Please tell us what you expect from Repsona in the future

Mr. Kanke: It's difficult to find improvements. I'm really satisfied. You may have considered it, but I would like to expect an API. I also hope to see development plans for services other than Repsona.

SaaB Technologies Representative Yutaka Sugaya