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Manage the ball holder (the person who is temporarily in charge of the work) with a Kanban board

Repsona can manage the ball holders for tasks on the Kanban board. We will explain how to use and use the ball Kanban board conveniently.

A ball in Repsona is "a person who temporarily has the ball to move the task forward." A person who is temporarily holding the ball at your request, such as when you send a message and wait for a reply, or when you ask for something and wait for the result.

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What is Kanban board?

Kanban board

A Kanban board is a table in which there are named lanes (rows) in which cards are arranged. You can move the card to get an idea of the overall status. On the ball screen, you can create lanes for each ball holder and manage tasks while moving them like cards.

You can see at a glance the bias of tasks for each ball holder.

Repsona automatically creates the following Kanban boards for each ball holder, and you can easily operate them with drag-and-drop.

Kanban board ball holder

Manage ball holders for tasks with Kanban board

Click "Ball" from the "Project Menu".

Project Menu

Create and search tasks

You can create and search tasks in the same way as the "Task List" screen.

Change the ball holder of the task

Move the "task" on the card by drag-and-drop.

When is this Kanban board useful?

The Kanban board format is suitable for looking over the project and grasping the "state". If you look at the ball holders of a task in a Kanban board format, you can see at a glance the bias of the tasks for each ball holder. If the ball is concentrated on a particular person, progress may be stagnant or there may be a lot of waiting time. Please consider the possibility of sharing.

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