I tried various task management software and Repsona was "just right".

I tried various task management software and Repsona was "just right".

Office Mook Co., Ltd. CEO Satoshi Ota

I tried various task management software and Repsona was "just right".

Office Mook Co., Ltd. CEO Satoshi Ota

We interviewed Mr. Ota, CEO of Office Mook Co., Ltd., who is engaged in management direction consulting (Web and system development) at a food and drink company, an advertising agency, a newspaper company, etc., about the background and usability of introducing Repsona. It was.

What kind of work do you use Repsona for?

Mr. Ota: Office Mook Co., Ltd. mainly provides system development and Web direction work, and provides marketing and promotion support related to it.

In addition to development and production, we receive many consultations and requests for IT-related work such as distributing online advertisements, listing advertisements and Social Media advertisements, and we are proceeding with them in cooperation with external collaborating companies.

Many players, both inside and outside the company, often use Repsona for task management and project progress management at each company.

Do you have any issues you felt before using Repsona?

Mr. Ota: I like task management tools, so I tried various tools and stopped using them.

I used Asana a long time ago, but I stopped using it soon. I used to use Trello as well, but I couldn't make a Gantt Chart (Timeline) without the plug-in, so it was a little different from my ideal.

I tried to manage the project on GitHub, but GitHub requires engineers, but it is difficult for members who are not engineers like directors to use.

I've used Backlog and Redmine, but since it's not a large-scale system development project, I feel that it's a little heavy, and it's hard to say that it's "just right".

Functionally "just right"

Why did you choose Repsona?

Mr. Ota: It's good that it's functionally "just right". When we create a space, we can use the Gantt chart (Timeline) quickly and check it with the Kanban. Also the good point is that we can easily create a parent-child relationship.

It is convenient to be familiar with the software dedicated to project management, but it also costs learning costs for the members who use it. The services available in Freemium have too few functions in the free plan, and the Gantt chart (Timeline) cannot be used.

Repsona is full of features and low cost, so I immediately switched to a paid plan.

Also, it moves smoothly and is light. I think this is really important. "Dark mode" is also the best. Very satisfied I think it is very easy to use.

Can be confirmed by Kanban

Dark mode is also cool

Please tell us what you expect from Repsona in the future

Mr. Ota: I am very satisfied, so there is no such thing as "I want it now", but if I dare to say, I feel that it will become more convenient if we can link with other systems with Repsona API.

it is interesting that the ecosystem will be created by providing APIs by Repsona.

Office Mook Co., Ltd. CEO Satoshi Ota