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Manage status with Kanban board

Repsona can manage the status of tasks on the Kanban board. Explains how to use and utilize the status Kanban board conveniently.

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What is Kanban board?

Kanban board

A Kanban board is a table in which there are named lanes (rows) in which cards are arranged. You can move the card to get an idea of the overall status. On the status screen, you can create lanes for each status and manage tasks while moving them like cards.

You can see at a glance the current state of the task, the overall degree of progress, and so on.

Repsona automatically creates a Kanban board for each status as shown below, and you can easily operate it with drag-and-drop.

Status Kanban board

Manage task status with Kanban board

Click "Status" from the "Project Menu".

Project Menu

Create and search tasks

You can create and search tasks in the same way as the "Task List" screen.

Change the status of a task

Move the "task" on the card by drag-and-drop.

Change the display format of sub-tasks (flat display)

By default, the status screen is displayed to move from the parent task to the sub-task. To expand all subtasks and display them flat, turn on the "Flat" switch at the bottom right of the screen.

Set the name and number of statuses

Rename the status

You can rename the status by clicking the status name or by clicking Rename from the submenu to the right of the status name.

Add status

You can add a status from "Add status" on the right side of the status screen.

Change the order of status

You can sort by dragging the lanes by the name of the status. The right side of "To the right of this is Closed" is treated as the completed status.

Delete status

Owner, administrator only

You can delete a status by clicking Delete Status from the submenu to the right of the status name. Tasks with the deleted status will be in the unset status state. This process is irreversible.

When is Kanban board convenient?

The Kanban board format is suitable for looking over the project and grasping the "state". If you look at the task status in Kanban board format, you can visually see the progress of the entire project and the number of tasks in progress.

For some tasks, it is better to work sequentially, focusing on the generation and processing of continuous tasks, rather than explicitly managing deadlines. It may be sufficient for management if you can see the progress of a particular task group (such as a group of tasks with milestones) steadily moving forward.

For such tasks, it is better to manage status-centric tasks on the Kanban board rather than managing individual tasks by setting deadlines.

Move your work forward while limiting the number of tasks in progress and managing if the progress of tasks is stagnant!

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