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Projects and project menu

Describes the menus and projects used for navigation within Repsona projects and project settings.

Project menu

The "Project menu" is displayed below the main menu with the project selected.

Project menu

From the Project menu, you can go to the Project Home, Task List, Gantt, Status, Responsible, Ball, Priority, Notes, Milestones, Teams, Charts, Productivity, Kaizen, Settings screens.

House icon

Display the project home screen. The project home provides an overview of this project, including the purpose of the project, the product image, and the latest activities related to the project.

Task List

The task list screen is displayed. Lists the tasks in your project and displays the task name, responsible person, ball, status, due date, and milestone items. You can rearrange the tasks by drag-and-drop, and change the hierarchical structure.


Display the Gantt chart screen. On the Gantt chart screen, the vertical axis displays the task list and the horizontal axis displays the timeline. This is useful for planning which tasks need to be completed by when.


Display the status screen. The status is the "status of this task" such as "in progress", "confirming", and "completed". On this screen, you can move tasks like a card to change and manage the status of tasks in Kanban board format.


Display the responsible person screen. The person responsible at Repsona is the person responsible for guiding this task to the goal. On this screen, you can move tasks like a card and change and manage the person in charge of the task in Kanban board format.


Display the ball screen. A ball in Repsona is "a person who temporarily has the ball to move the task forward." On this screen, you can move the task like a card and change and manage the ball holder of the task in Kanban board format.


Display the priority screen. On this screen, you can move tasks like a card and change and manage the priority of tasks in Kanban board format.


Display the note screen. A Note is a place to write down the information, documents, know-how, runbooks, etc. necessary for proceeding with the project. You can create structured documents in Markdown format. The created notes can be rearranged in a free hierarchical structure by drag-and-drop.


Display the milestone screen. Milestones are checkpoints on your schedule. By grouping tasks that are scheduled to be completed by a specific milestone and setting a due date, it will be easier to check the progress of tasks up to the milestone.


Display the team screen. Teammates are all the members who move this project forward. You can visualize all members and team composition in the project community. Clarify the "Position" and "Strengths and/or expectations" for it so that it is a common understanding of the entire project.


Display the chart screen. On the chart screen, you can display "cumulative flow chart", "tag ratio", and "burndown chart".


Display the productivity screen. The Productivity screen scores the activity of project members and displays them in a chart.


Display the Kaizen screen. The Kaizen screen provides a convenient KPT in Kanban board format for team retrospectives. Let's visualize the problem in the team and solve it by linking it with the task.


Display the project setting screen. You can set project profile, project members, etc.

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