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We will explain in detail from basic operations to advanced functions!

What is Repsona space?

What is a Repsona space? Let's see the difference between spaces, projects and tasks to get an overall picture.

Space > Project > Task

The largest framework for using Repsona is called "space". Teammates join the space as "members". Pricing plans apply to spaces.

Space member

Projects and tasks

Now it's time to start a new project. First, create a "project" in the space.

Set the project name and the purpose of the project, and select the members who will proceed with the project together. If you have members who haven't joined the space yet, invite them to the space.

Create a "task" in the project, clarify the person in charge and the due date for that task, and move the work forward.


Features for each project

Gantt charts, status Kanban boards, etc. are created within the project. Select the project you want to manage and create a Gantt chart.

The free plan is limited to one project. With the standard plan, you can create an unlimited number of projects, and you can also check across all projects.

Cross Project Gantt Chart

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