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Repsona This is a tool for members to communicate with each other to move their work forward. Your messages such as comments, assignments, ball assignments, status changes, etc. will be collected in your inbox.

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Check your Inbox

Click the Inbox button on the main menu to view your Inbox.

Confirm message

Unread messages are displayed in the "Unread" tab. Messages related to the same task or note will be threaded together. You can mark a message as read by clicking "Got it" if you have already read it.

The "Archived" tab shows the messages you have read, and you can unread them by clicking "Unread".

Clicking "Got it all" will mark all messages as read.

Checking threads

The "Thread" button allows you to check the thread of a message. The button displays the number of unread messages in the thread. When all messages have been read, the entire thread can be marked as read.

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