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We will explain in detail from basic operations to advanced functions!

Reaction and how it works

Repsona can add reactions to comments. Explain how to use the reaction.

Who can use this featurePlans that can use this function

React to comments

You can react by clicking the "Reaction" button.

You can use pictograms ( 👍 😄 😇 😍 🎉 ❤️ ) and tags for reactions.

The feelings of gratitude are "Thank you" and "Thanks!", "Design", "Python" and "Genius" when you can evaluate their skills, and "Tell me" and "Question" when you don't understand. You can attach it freely.

These reactions are gathered on the profile screen of the reacted member. What kind of person they are, what their teammates think, and what they can do. Since such information is gathered as a reaction, you can grasp the atmosphere of your teammates by looking at the profile screen.

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