Reversing ideas in project management

Not just convenient! Team activities become more fun!
What is my attraction for our team?

Differences and comparisons between Repsona and other services

Lightweight, simple and easy to understand.
Easy to understand, easy to introduce to team.
While managing the status (Todo, Doing, Done) with Kanban.
Let's check the task status in real time with the whole team.
You can switch the display to the "person" who has the ball.
See at a glance who has a lot of task.
Easy rearrangement and hierarchy change by drag and drop.
Subtasks can also be created easily. You can see the priority and expiration at a glance.
Gantt chart can also be displayed, easy operation by drag and drop.
It is comfortable to rearrange and redraw lines.
Visualize team structure and clarify roles.
Clarify communication paths and demarcation points.
It also has tools for sharing knowledge.
Easy to use and lightweight editor, real-time editing for multiple members.
You can check the activity status on the chart.
Cumulative flow diagrams, tag ratios and burndown charts are automatically generated in real time.
Score teammate productivity.
You can see at a glance how active your teammates are.
Feedback makes team activities fun.
You can use it like social media and say "Like" or "Thank you" to your teammates. Thanks, appreciation, and skills come together like a tag, so you can know more about your teammates.







Unlimited number of members for free
Free Gantt chart
Drag and drop Gantt charts
Kanban (status management board)
Infinite hierarchy of tasks
Sort tasks by drag and drop
Knowledge sharing (like Wiki)
Unlimited hierarchy of knowledge sharing
Sort knowledge by Drag and drop
Planning and milestones
Burn down chart
Simple switching between lists and Kanban
Team composition and teammate visualization
Holding and passing the ball by drag and drop
Profile where feedback gathers
Project and concept
Watch 3-minute video about features

Functions for project management and knowledge sharing.